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We are excited to present our first online workshops. Check back here for more in the future. Until then we hope you find these useful in your social change work.

Please find below online workshops that we have generated from the in-person series of social change workshops.

Our hope is that these online offerings can be engaged by individuals, classes and groups to support their continued engagement in social change. Included throughout the workshops are prompts for you to engage either in an individual reflection or with a group of people with whom you are watching the workshop. Please take the time to engage with the material presented, reflect and discuss it with your peers.

If you have any feedback or comments about making these online version more accessible please contact

Sally Eck – Interrupting Oppression in Our Everyday Lives

Filmed November 26th, 2013

In this workshop, we discuss and, more importantly, practice the art of engaging in productive dialogue about the experience of oppression in our daily lives. Learn strategies and build community to recognized and raise our collective consciousness about the detrimental effects of microaggressions and co-create hope toward positive social change.

Kayse Jama – Refugee and Immigrant Solidarity

Filmed March 11, 2014

Refugee and Immigrant Solidarity is popular education workshop designed to inform community members on how they can become good allies in the struggle for immigrant and refugee rights. Kayse Jama, an original founder of CIO, was born into a nomad family in Somalia. He left when the civil war erupted, and finally found sanctuary in Portland. From 2005 to 2007, he trained immigrant and refugee community leaders in five Western states—Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah and Idaho—under a prestigious New Voices Fellowship at Western States Center. He has been awarded the Skidmore Prize for outstanding young nonprofit professionals (2007), the Oregon Immigrant Achievement Award from Oregon chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (2008), and the 2009 Lowenstein Trust Award, which is presented yearly to “that person who demonstrated the greatest contribution to assisting the poor and underprivileged in Portland,” and the 2012 Portland Peace Prize.

National Forest Policy

Filmed May 29th, 2014

Learn how the forests of the Cascades became federal land, and about the laws & policies that shape past, current and future land management.  With a focus on Mt. Hood NationalForest, Brenna Bell, Bark’s staff attorney, will explore the ins and outs of politics and law as it relates to public’s forests and water – and provide some tools for engaging with them.