Posted by on Jun 11, 2013 in Sustainability |

I chose to participate in my neighborhood cleanup, which is a great way to get involved and to actively meet those around you. This was considered the Cully neighborhood, but encompassed Beaumont Village as well and I discovered this event just from signs posted around poles in the neighborhood. Participants included folks from local business and churches, but mostly consisted of neighbors. This was a great activity, because it shocked me how much litter I did in fact find. There are many businesses on Fremont, and people seem to use the grass areas as a trashcan and unfortunately there was a huge number of cigarette butts. It was interesting to see people from north and south of Fremont and the variation in socioeconomic status that brought, even with such a short distance between all. It is not a huge gap, but I did see folks interacting that I really don’t think would have otherwise. There were also a lot of families participating and it was great to see a spark in children of awareness and the need for sustainability; and see them excited to help the neighborhood while having fun with their families and other friends.