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Rewild Portland is a local non-profit that holds workshops, community building events, and art shows, and participates in ecological restoration. Their goal as an organization is “to provide a full-spectrum model of education and implementation, from students who come to a single introductory course, to partners of a collective using regenerative design land management principles to live off the land together.”

Their guiding principles add a commentary against consumable education and toward an approach to learning that encourages unstructured time, or ‘free play’ in nature. The list of activities and workshops include: plant identification, tracking, wild foods, myth and storytelling, flint knapping, basketry, pottery, depaving, habitat restoration, animal processing, and others in ‘skillshare’ activities. I learned about Rewild Portland from a previous flint knapping instructor that taught the class with stones he had harvested in eastern Oregon and used tools that he had made himself.
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