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Looking for Funding

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This program is looking for additional sources of funding to continue our work. If you know of opportunities please contact Thanks!

To Bike or Not Bike? A post for cyclists AND non-cyclists.

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I ride because it is on a bicycle seat where I feel right. I ride because fueling my body with burritos is cheaper than fueling a car with gas. I ride because paying for parking is not in the budget. I ride because it keeps me strong and healthy. I ride because I want to curb greenhouse gas emissions. I ride because I can smile and say hi to my neighbors, pedestrians, and other cyclists easier than if I were in a car. I ride so I can listen to the birds.
I ride… Do you?
I have heard from many people that they would like to ride a bike, but…
• they are scared
• they aren’t in good enough shape
• they don’t want to arrive to work sweaty
• they don’t want to wear lycra (pssst… you don’t have to)
• their bike isn’t good enough
• they don’t like the rain
• they can’t afford a bike (I bet if we did comparative math on gas and parking, I could prove that it would pay for itself pretty quick)
• and so many more.
I want to help more people ride, those that really want to but are held back by whatever their personal barrier is. Hopefully, I would eventually reach more people who hadn’t really considered it. I hope to accomplish this with a bike mentoring program, connecting experienced cyclists with people who want to give it a try. Mentors would schedule rides with their mentee until they were comfortable riding on their own. Mentors would help with safe route planning, safety, traffic etiquette involving other cyclists and motorists, and basic bike repair lessons like how to fix a flat and put a chain back on the chain ring.
I am going to test this program out at PSU’s Bike Hub. Stay tuned for details and please click on my survey  to help me know what some other barriers to biking may be or whether you’d be interested in being a mentor.
At the end of the survey, you can share your email address if you want more information on the program. Thanks.

This is me at the beginning of a century ride with friends, raising money for local animal sanctuaries.

This is me at the beginning of a century ride with friends, raising money for local animal sanctuaries.

Online Workshops Posted!

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We are excited to present our first online workshops. Check back here for more in the future. Until then we hope you find these useful in your social change work.

Please find below online workshops that we have generated from the in-person series of social change workshops.

Our hope is that these online offerings can be engaged by individuals, classes and groups to support their continued engagement in social change. Included throughout the workshops are prompts for you to engage either in an individual reflection or with a group of people with whom you are watching the workshop. Please take the time to engage with the material presented, reflect and discuss it with your peers.

If you have any feedback or comments about making these online version more accessible please contact

Sally Eck – Interrupting Oppression in Our Everyday Lives

Filmed November 26th, 2013

In this workshop, we discuss and, more importantly, practice the art of engaging in productive dialogue about the experience of oppression in our daily lives. Learn strategies and build community to recognized and raise our collective consciousness about the detrimental effects of microaggressions and co-create hope toward positive social change.

Kayse Jama – Refugee and Immigrant Solidarity

Filmed March 11, 2014

Refugee and Immigrant Solidarity is popular education workshop designed to inform community members on how they can become good allies in the struggle for immigrant and refugee rights. Kayse Jama, an original founder of CIO, was born into a nomad family in Somalia. He left when the civil war erupted, and finally found sanctuary in Portland. From 2005 to 2007, he trained immigrant and refugee community leaders in five Western states—Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Utah and Idaho—under a prestigious New Voices Fellowship at Western States Center. He has been awarded the Skidmore Prize for outstanding young nonprofit professionals (2007), the Oregon Immigrant Achievement Award from Oregon chapter of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (2008), and the 2009 Lowenstein Trust Award, which is presented yearly to “that person who demonstrated the greatest contribution to assisting the poor and underprivileged in Portland,” and the 2012 Portland Peace Prize.

National Forest Policy

Filmed May 29th, 2014

Learn how the forests of the Cascades became federal land, and about the laws & policies that shape past, current and future land management.  With a focus on Mt. Hood NationalForest, Brenna Bell, Bark’s staff attorney, will explore the ins and outs of politics and law as it relates to public’s forests and water – and provide some tools for engaging with them.

Village Building Convergence Happening Now through June 1st

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City Repair is holding their annual Village Building Convergence now through Sunday June 1st. This festival is all about place making by creating public spaces through painting intersections, planting gardens, and natural building structures like benches and ovens. All over the city, including right here on the PSU Campus, projects are happening. There are also a wide variety of workshops, lectures, dances, and music mostly at their main venue, Sunnyside Church in SE Portland. To learn more about the projects and evening events visit:


Allyship in Praxis Workshop Wednesday!

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Please join us for the following workshop, the second in the spring term series.

Allyship in Praxis
Sally Eck
Wednesday May 21st from 7:00 – 9:00 PM

Center for Intercultural Organizing, 700 N. Killingsworth
In this workshop we will analyze the potentially fraught, yet invaluable concept of allyship in social justice practices.  What happens when people self-identify as “allies,” but continue to operationalize privileged practices, unchecked? How do we check ourselves? How do we change the term “ally” from a destination to a journey and an action?  What practical tools can we develop to support our efforts in effective allyship?  In this workshop, we will build skills and strategize collectively; building our consciousness toward using privilege for accountability and for strengthening the movement for social justice.

Research to Action: Food Systems Event at PSU this Friday 5/16

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“The Research to Action Symposium is an opportunity for researchers, practitioners, and community members to share their work in five-minute, lightning-round presentations. The event allows attendees the chance to hear about and inform our collective efforts to address food systems issues and to explore connections, develop networks, and build collaborative potential.” Register now for this free event. 


Law & Disorder Conference at PSU May 9th-11th

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The 5th Annual Law & Disorder Conference is this weekend (May 9th-11th) at PSU. People from all walks of life from radical to academic are welcome to join in on the FREE discussions, lectures, panels, and workshops. The focus this year will be to “establish collaboration between individuals, organizations and collectives working on issues related to LGBTIQQAA, Political Prisoners, police and prison abolition, international solidarity, earth and animal liberation and anti-racist organizing.”

law and disorder conference

May is BIKE To PSU Month!!!

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PSU is participating in a city-wide campaign to promote cycling in our great city. Sign up and compete individually or as a team with friends, classmates, club members, etc.

It’s not too late to get started. Get more details and sign up at

If you’re a student or teacher at PSU who is a parent, then your kid’s school is probably having their Walk + Bike challenge as well. If not, it’s not too late to register for that and get those kids started on sustainable and healthy modes of transportation!   Volunteer to be a coordinator and feel good about all the families you’ll encourage to get involved. Go to WalkNBike to sign up. I’m the coordinator for the program at my kid’s school and I’ve had lots of fun organizing experienced riders with the ones more nervous about riding the distance. We are a charter school, with students all over the city, so it’s more of a challenge to get people to ride than the neighborhood schools, but it’s worth it. I’m setting up bike trains from all quadrants of the city and I’m making new friends while having fun and promoting sustainability!

Riding to school on day 1 of Bike N Walk to school month!

Riding to school on day 1 of Bike N Walk to school month!

Cottonwood Bay Clean Up – Saturday April 26th 10-1

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Cottonwood Bay is a small bay in the South Waterfront district. My kids spend a great deal of time here with their school. Southwest Charter School is partnering up with Solv to give the bay an earth day clean up. We’ll be heading down there to do our part soon. This event was organized by the 8th grade students. I’m proud to be a part of this civic minded school community. All are welcome.

Southwest Charter School is a place based education charter school.

More details on the event are here.


Communities of Practices: Food Equity

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Food has the ability to nourish us, feed us, and even heal us. But is our relationship with food healthy? We will explore our relationship to food on a personal and societal level and discuss questions like: How sustainable and equitable is our food system? What is healthy food? Are we connected with the food we eat? How can we honor and celebrate our food? Hear from active community leaders, read inspiring articles, watch snippets of film, and join fellow community members to break this down. Powerful changes transpire when we are able to get together and cross pollinate with one another.

Please come join us on Thursday 5/1 from 5:00 – 7:00 in Cramer Hall 228. The meeting will be facilitated by Kim Hack, a PSU undergrad with years of involvement in this area. For more information contact

RSVP isn’t necessary, but it’ll help us to know you are coming. Follow think link to RSVP. You can also share this event on Facebook.

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