We offer a seminar course for you to continue your engagement while at PSU. In the future we will be offering a variety of these courses including seminars for continuing engagement around specific issues such as sustainability. You can find the details of the current course below:

UNST 407 SEM: Skills for Social Change – Spring 2014

CRN: 65571
Instructor: David Osborn – dosborn@pdx.edu
Time/Location: Monday 4:00-5:50 – Cramer Hall


UNST 407 Skills for Social Change is a two credit, 400 level seminar to support you in your continuing engagement in social change. The course is designed to build on previous and ongoing community engagement, such as that which begins in a Capstone course. Current involvement in some form of social change work (volunteering, community group, activism, advocacy, etc.) is required to participate in this course.

This course is a space in which to continue the “what’s next?” conversation in regards to continuing to be effectively engaged in creating positive change in our world. The first half of the course will explore different understandings and analyses of social change, case studies and skill-building opportunities that seek to complement the work you are engaged in outside of the course. The second half of the course will be designed based upon the needs and interests of the students enrolled. Throughout the course we will create a space to reflectively look at and bring into the classroom the work we are doing so that we can create community to support one another in our continued engagement both at and beyond the university.

Come join this class to further your social change work with a community of your peers.

If you have any questions you can contact the instructor at dosborn@pdx.edu.

Alumni/Community Members

This class is open to alumni and community members at no charge. However, enrollment of alumni and community members is limited and you need to apply. If you are interested in participating in this class please fill out the form below. The instructor will be in touch about how the next steps for participation.