We are excited to have three interns working with us to support the continued engagement of students and alumni. They are available to work with faculty on continuing engagement projects and speak to classes. They will also be facilitating Communities of Practice around three different thematic areas. The interns are:




Our past burdens give shape to what worlds we may build, now and in the future. As an artist and educator Sharita Towne is interested in unpacking these burdens, in understanding how they mold our present selves, and in trying to give rise to a collective catharsis. To this end she has undertaken work at former concentration camps and memorials in Germany, in Saharawi Refugee camps in Algeria, in favelas and cultural centers in Brazil, and in Chile, Spain, Palestine, and within her own family. Sharita grew up between Oregon, Washington, and Northern California, and graduated from UC Berkeley in 2008 with a BA in Art Practice and Interdisciplinary Studies. She works in education, printmaking, video, translation, and socially engaged art projects.




Kim grew up in the Pacific Northwest across the street from a hazelnut orchard gleaning wayward nuts. This appreciation for accessible, healthy, local foods was further fostered by gardening in community spaces and at a food bank as the gleaning coordinator. She feels energized by the natural world and has worked as an environmental educator to help connect people to place. As a PSU Environmental Science student, she finds it important to conduct field surveys with groups like Bark and Cascadia Wild in order to better understand and protect our environment.  Kim also co-founded a kitchen tool lending library and is fascinated with the sharing/trading economy. She loves storytelling, biking, healing arts, and collaborating with inspiring people.



Christy Hawkins has been in love with bicycles since her first job as a bike messenger, way back in the 90s. She’s ridden across England, Ireland, France, and the United States. She’s led others on tours of the Oregon Coast, California, the East Coast, and parts of the south. She sees bikes not only as a sustainable and fun mode of transportation, but as a means to build communities. She strives to make every daily choice one that fits sustainably within our diverse and more than just human planet. She recently received her BA in Art Practices from PSU and spends her time making art, quilting, and volunteering at her two sons’ charter school.