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In order to complete the civic engagement requirement for my Capstone class, I chose to attend Parkrose High School’s multicultural festival. The celebration aimed to showcase the diversity that’s present in the school’s neighborhood, and it did so very well. Traditional dances from around the world were performed by students. Teachers from the school contributed as musicians, speakers, and facilitators. There were also delicious international dishes prepared for the gathering.

The event was open to the public, so many students, their families, and friends attended in support of the contributors. Good turn-out showed that the subject of diversity is a relevant one for the Parkrose area. The fact that the high schoolers were motivated to participate in the event and invested in its success sent a message that the topic of cultural diversity is one that’s important to them as well. Parkrose High School’s staff and students did an excellent job of opening up  a space for the discussion, acknowledgement, and promotion of the different backgrounds and histories their members have.

Do you have any suggestions of how schools and other public spaces can initiate discussions about cultural diversity?

Do you know of any other organizations or locations that are already celebrating diversity well?

Multnomah County’s Office of Diversity and Equity’s web page has a current list of local organizations and events that focus on cultural diversity. Here’s a link to the website: