This website is part of the University Studies Program and it’s initiative to support students, alumni and community members in continuing their engagement in social change. Many times during the course of students’ educational experience they become alive to their sense of civic agency and their ability to positively shape the world in which we live. The work of this program seeks to provide support in making sure that this activation continues and is sustained over time such that lifelong participation in social change is fostered. We see this as a way to fundamentally embody the motto of Portland State University, “Let Knowledge Serve the City” and as essential work for educational institutions in times of great social and ecological crises.

This work is organized through Communities of Practice for Continuing Engagement. These are organized thematically and connect to a wide variety of courses offered throughout the University Studies program and elsewhere at PSU rooted in addressing real problems in our communities. Through this structure this new programmatic effort extends engagement with students beyond the classroom and helps facilitate their ongoing civic engagement and involvement in positive social change. Space exists for sharing resources, making connections, strategic re-evaluation, problem-posing and refining the collective approach of relevant courses so as to maximize impact and effectiveness.

This website is a digital space for students, alumni and community members to continue engagement in community-based social change. We also offer a series of some twenty workshops each academic year, a ten week long seminar on skills for social change, lists of other programs to support engagement and organizations for further involvement. If you have further questions or desire additional information please contact us.